Keep Your Face Masks Clean and Properly Stored

Marsha Maung
5 min readSep 12, 2020
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This is the world of Covid-19 we’re living in and the reminders for us to social distance, wear masks, and wash our hands as frequently as we can has become ad nauseam.

Apart from the constant nagging concern about the impact disposal face masks have on the environment now that every human on this planet is required to wear one (and keep a good, healthy supply of them), another crusade seems to be launching off — cloth face masks.

Friends (and relatives) are now messaging me in groups on promoting the use of reusable cloth masks and other alternatives. The problem is:

  1. How hygienic are they?
  2. How often can we wear them?
  3. How do we clean them?
  4. Where do we get them?
  5. Are they reliable? Do they work the way we need them to?
  6. If we buy them online, how do we know they fit?
  7. Are cloth face masks a solution to social distancing?
  8. How sturdy are these masks?
  9. Do cloth face masks work on children?
  10. Is it any better than N95 (medical grade) face masks
  11. Does it restrict breathing for those who have preexisting conditions?

This article, 6 questions you may have about using cloth face masks, may answer your most pressing questions about using them.

Keeping your Disposal Face Masks Properly

So, if you’re like me, have not hopped onto the cloth face mask bandwagon, here’s what I’ve been advised to do with my face masks whenever I have to take them off or keep them stashed away for future use.

1 — A Nice, Clean, Covered, Dry Place to Store The Face Masks

We might be tempted to just leave them outside on top of the table or coffee table because it is convenient. Everyone in the family can see where they are and it’s easy to just grab and go. But experts say that we need to find a cool, clean, covered, dry place to store the mask.

Whenever we have to take them off for eating (or even just breathing, for chrissakes), we should either have tissues…

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