Half-Way Mark Happiness — Doing What Drives You When No Longer a Youngster

Marsha Maung
5 min readDec 26, 2020
Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

When I was younger, I was pretty much aimless and pursued everything I fancied with nary a thought about whether I would actually excel at it. Anything that looked or sounded fun, I was in. However, with that said, there were a few things that got my heart fluttering and body out of bed…which is hard.

I’m terrible at getting up from bed.

Examples would be badminton (or any other sport that I could enjoy with my friends), exciting books on romance (don’t laugh), sci-fi, and historical fiction, and music.

The thing with being young is that you’re always ready to pursue different things presented to you at that moment, so, as far as I can remember, I was a goody-two-shoes in high school. I got into trouble for mostly reading books that were not textbooks in class, talking with my friends, skipping classes for too many other activities not related to studies, and being late for school.

I only got into more serious trouble with authorities in college where my circle of friends diversified and was introduced to vices legal to adults. 😂

These ventures absolutely made me do a 180. I got more opportunities for performances — singing, dancing, performing on stage, emceeing, choreographing, voice recording, etc. It is a very funny personality arc but it helped develop the many other facets of my life.

It was a time of experiment, trials and errors, discovery, and figuring out what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew, however, these new talents were not going to take me anywhere since there was no YouTube, VLIve, Twitch, social media, or whathaveyounots.

The truth is that without these media outlets, I wasn’t at all self-conscious. Every day, I would spend my time making those mistakes and had no idea nor the sense of urgency to ‘perfect them’. As a marketable skill. There was no mentor, just friends who did silly things along with me.

Thinking back, I relished the freedom, the lack of responsibility, unbridled rigor, free time, and I didn’t think about anything else other than to do my best and watch the results.

Marsha Maung

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