Embracing and Beating Boredom

Marsha Maung
4 min readJun 20, 2021
Photo by Hoàng Chương from Pexels

December 2019.

That was when the world realized that a Virus that seemed to have spread its grip outside of the confines of a small, relatively unknown Chinese city, may have come ashore.

As governments scrambled to make sense of what was striking us, many parts of the world came into lockdown. It was intriguing to watch how some Italian neighbours started entertaining each other by singing on their balconies. Yes, they were bored locked down in their homes, unable to attend to their usual daily activities, parties, gatherings, celebrations, or even dinners out.

The Pandemic, now looking to be stretching into its second year, has many of us doing the emotional and mental limbo.

It’s not uncommon for people to now feel like something is missing. That we are all just trying to survive without knowing what the future will look like. That people may not know exactly how to diffuse and disarm this dangerous Virus. We may have also lost our raison d’etrec.

The Pandemic is a thief of our source of income, joy, amusement, desire, and need for subsistence.

However, boredom may be just the kind of nature-prescribed medication we need for the modern life where we are more inclined to scroll mindlessly through our Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube feed while sitting across the table from our family members during dinner.

In a study done by Sandi Mann, the author of The Upside of Downside: Why Boredom is Good, she found that there were groups of people who perform more creatively when given boring tasks. When we are bored, a part of our brains wander. And an actively wandering brain isn’t always a bad thing.

In a simpler term, it’s called daydreaming.

When was the last time we daydreamed about positive things?

Suffice to say, the world does not have very positive impressions of daydreamers. They are considered people who are not productive, lack control over their attention span, have difficulty concentrating at work or school, or even neurotic.

Are we all really headed that way?

Some expound the fact that when our minds wander, especially during this Pandemic, the cognitive course leans towards forming…

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