As a society, we have come to think of being “too sensitive” as a flaw. It tampers with our ability to tap into our inner power or ability to optimize our other traits. We care too much, think too deeply, perceive too many unfounded things, imagine a world that does not exist, and can sometimes believe in things that others find ludicrous.

Those statements already make us sound like crazy weirdos but in reality, when we interact with people, this is sometimes our mental state. Ever since I was young, I was told “not to be too sensitive”, was considered…

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December 2019.

That was when the world realized that a Virus that seemed to have spread its grip outside of the confines of a small, relatively unknown Chinese city, may have come ashore.

As governments scrambled to make sense of what was striking us, many parts of the world came into lockdown. It was intriguing to watch how some Italian neighbours started entertaining each other by singing on their balconies. Yes, they were bored locked down in their homes, unable to attend to their usual daily activities, parties, gatherings, celebrations, or even dinners out.

The Pandemic, now looking to be…

Doodling, painting, art, and journaling helps us find ourselves. Credit:

I have to say that it’s been some time since I’ve felt so anxious and stressed.

When I was raising my little boys all alone, stress and anxiety about every little unknown thing out there rested heavily on my shoulders, so stress and anxiety were my twin bosom buddies.

But my boys are grown up now and for some time, I’ve had the liberty of not having to know whether they ate their vegetables or not, nor do I have to help them shower anymore. They’re self-feeding, self-cleaning people now.

It’s liberating.

However, with that said, the COVID-19 Pandemic has…

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I don’t mind dying.

With even this whole Covid-19 Pandemic spreading its diabolical tentacles around the globe, I am not afraid of dying. It’s a phase of life we all go through, right? Right.

But here’s the thing. I started realizing the magnitude of this Pandemic when my kids’ colleges started shutting down. When the condo I lived in had new cases of Covid-19. When businesses started closing down. When I couldn’t get food supplies from the stores because they shuttered earlier than usual. When there were no restaurants open for dinner we could go to.

I realized that if…

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When I was younger, I was pretty much aimless and pursued everything I fancied with nary a thought about whether I would actually excel at it. Anything that looked or sounded fun, I was in. However, with that said, there were a few things that got my heart fluttering and body out of bed…which is hard.

I’m terrible at getting up from bed.

Examples would be badminton (or any other sport that I could enjoy with my friends), exciting books on romance (don’t laugh), sci-fi, and historical fiction, and music.

The thing with being young is that you’re always ready…

Experiencing menstrual problems is something that I’ve always been upfront about with my boys and yet, I have a feeling that they will never, in fact, NO MAN will ever, understand the true shame, (guilt, even — for having it or complaining about it for fear of being shunned or being labelled as whinny).

But it IS a problem all women go through and we suffer not only monthly pains, everything else related to starting and raising a family is placed solely on the shoulders of women. And we’re not permitted to complain about it.

“For example, the homeless do…

With the current pandemic’s hands over our necks, for many businesses, big and small alike, there are no other options but to shutter the offices and start mobilizing employees with remote work arrangements.

For many, this could be the first time encountering this unexpected situation. It was never an option in the first place, especially for some traditionally-run and service-based businesses.

I’ve heard of employers installing spy cams and spyware into employee laptops to keep tabs on their workers’ working hours and to micro-manage their employees. I, personally, don’t think we have to go that far.

Trust, especially when you…

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There is a difference between being kind and being nice. Hang in there for me. Hear me out. Kindness is Karma. Nice sucks.

I once knew a friend who did everything right in the eyes of society. She was an intelligent woman with a sharp mind, wit, and tongue. She doled out compliments easily and pointed out everything great about you. Only in knowing her a little better, you’ll find shadow judgments hidden behind those nice words. I was one of the lucky few she dispensed such information to.

I don’t give out compliments as easily but when I do…

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This is the world of Covid-19 we’re living in and the reminders for us to social distance, wear masks, and wash our hands as frequently as we can has become ad nauseam.

Apart from the constant nagging concern about the impact disposal face masks have on the environment now that every human on this planet is required to wear one (and keep a good, healthy supply of them), another crusade seems to be launching off — cloth face masks.

Friends (and relatives) are now messaging me in groups on promoting the use of reusable cloth masks and other alternatives. …

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six of them sharpening my axe.” — Abraham Lincoln

Obviously, Abraham Lincoln did not chop trees for a living but what he said sure makes perfect sense. The way I see It, chopping down the tree is the real deal. On the other hand, sharpening the axe is repetitive, boring, and absolutely mind-numbing.

Sharpening the ax, the real writing is what’s going to get you to where you’re going. It’s the equivalent of putting one foot in front of the other. …

Marsha Maung

Professional copywriter. Online Social Marketing consultant. Lover of books and stories. Blogger and yoga lover

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